Finding your next read.

This (hopefully) marks the first of several blog updates today, although most of them are links I have found on my various wanderings around the internet. The first of these I came across of Flavorwire’s book section, where they published an article linking to a handy tool they came across called the Literature-Map. It is incredibly simple to use: you simply type in the name of an author that you like and the website plots authors who are similar in style on a map with the initial author at the centre. The proximity of the other authors to the original search signify how similar the two authors are. A click on any of these surrounding authors then places them at the centre of the map and constructs the map around them.

Whilst anyone with a basic knowledge of literature will find few surprises with the linked authors, it is perfect if you want to quickly dip in a find a suggestion without having to trawl though articles. Admittedly it is a little disappointing to find the same names cropping up on many of the ‘big authors’ so to speak, but perhaps that is typical of something that appears to be so canon-based. Of course, this has the potential to be misleading given the fact that it does not recommend specific titles and given the wide range of styles that certain authors utilise in their writing but as a rudimentary guide, it is useful.Regardless, there a few unearthed gems to be found using this, so search away.


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